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Things to Know When Hiring a Paving Contractor

Several factors can affect the outcome and price of a paving project. Finding the lowest bid is not the right way of choosing a paving contractor. This post will help you make a sound decision when picking a paving company.

Insurance Coverage

need for construction insuranceMost contractors select the minimum insurance coverage that is set by the government. If accidents happen and they are working on your property, you ought to be protected as much as possible. Thus, the contractor should have general liability, workers compensation, umbrella policy, and auto liability. Also, you should check the minimum coverage they have per policy.

Material Selection

Usually, the asphalt used is recycled. The different grades of asphalt available have varying percentages of the recycled material. If the paving company installs low-quality materials, this will affect the longevity and look of the pavement. It is a good idea to request high-grade asphalt that has less recycled material. Also, you need  jointing sand when compacting the pavement.

Type of Equipment

You need to check the paving equipment your contractors have. As you know, machines can break anytime, and this can result in a delay of your paving project. Moreover, materials such as asphalt cool quite quickly. Waiting for quite long to install the asphalt; it is likely to affect the appearance of the pavement after completion. Ensure the company you choose has properly maintained equipment.

Sufficient Workforce

Check whether the paving company has an adequate workforce to do the job. Usually, the paving team will comprise of about 8 to 10 workers depending on the task. A company that is understaffed means that it will affect the overall outcome of the paving project. This can also delay the project.

Down Payment

You should not pay the entire agreed amount if the paving project is not over. Also, avoid paying a down payment to the contractor. Usually, reputable paving contractors have adequate funds and materials needed to complete the job. They do not need deposits from you. In fact, depositing funds with a company may result in the misuse of funds. The truth is that there are many paving contractors ought there that use deposits to complete other unfinished projects.

Think of paving as a long-term investment. Saving a few thousands of dollars in the short-term is likely to cost you more in the future. Ensure you carry out adequate research and make an informed decision.

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Enhancing Home Safety with Electric Fencing

Homes are places where we have all our valuables and investments that we have saved for a long time. Therefore, your home deserves the perfect security measures. Safety should be high notch and should not be taken for granted. Over times burglars have become smarter in their game, and this is the reason why you should not leave anything to chance.

Traditionally, fencing your house using a barbed wire was enough but now things have changed. Thanks to technology because you can now use an electric fence in enhancing your home safety. Installing an electric fence in your home will benefit you in many ways. This article explains some of the ways an electric fence will benefit you.

Offers a Lot of Flexibility

electric fenceOne among the many benefits of electric fences is that they offer a lot of significance to you. This is because the different types of systems made available in the market can be designed to give an enclosure that you want. If you want a portable, semi-permanent or permanent application depending on the environment you are in; you will be able to get an option that will suit you. The fence can be modified to give the specifications that you require.

It is Easy to Install


Conventional fences used to take a lot of time when they were installed. Even the installation process was not easy. However, with an electric fence, you will be able to fix the fence quickly and quickly. You will have fewer worries about doing the installation. The installation process of an electric fence involves the use of standard tools and will save on labor because you can do the installation by yourself. Since the installation process is easy, you will be able to save time.

The Fence is Affordable

electric cableIn addition, electric fences are great because they are affordable when compared to other types of fences like woven wire, wood, barbed wire and rail. Options to deal with costs saving are great. Everyone wants an alternative that offers excellent service but at a lower price. You may think because of electricity the fence will be costly, but that is not the case.

Offers Safety

Electric fences have been known to offer more safety than the conventional fences like woven wire or barbered wire. Also, an electric fence is less harmful as compared to other fences that tend to cut, scrape livestock hence making you incur extra bills like veterinary bills. An electric fence will help you enhance safety in your home too, and you will have fewer worries on security issues.


Landscaping Garden With Glass

Glass can be recycled and used creatively for landscaping a garden. It is beneficial environmentally as the glass is recycled instead of it piling in a landfill. For more information on landscaping with glass click on the landscape glass collection.

Places to Use Glass

kjjkkjjkkjexzOn potted plants to create beauty and sparkle, though the glass should be used in small amounts. Many homeowners are using larger quantities of glass to create landscape designs on large surfaces e.g. gardens. The glass has been tumbled to eliminate sharp edges. Therefore, reducing the risk of harming someone thus being a perfect fit for gardening. With glass, you can create unique scenarios with imagination being the only limitation.


The following are the benefits of using glass as a landscaping option;

Regulate soil

Glass used on the garden helps in the regulation of temperature and moisture. Glass is more suitable for plants grown in the grimy stony earth, but loosely packing the glass makes it adaptable to any environment.


Using recycled glass is safe for the environment and keeps it out of landfills. Recycling centers and trash dumps give away glass very inexpensively and in some cases for free. The downside of this may be your preferred color.


Artwork-In place of the traditional flower bed one can create creative visual artwork from the glass. With the spread of color, you can create birds, flowers, draw lines, etc. from the glass as a landscape for your flower bed.
The outlined setbacks of using recycled glass in gardening;

Limitations in plant types

Glass has extra weight compared to soil and generates more heat. This limits the plants that one can plant in the space occupied by the glass. For this reason, it is advisable to keep space landscaped by glass limited to create room to plant plants that cannot be grown in the glass.


To maintain the colors of glass looking fresh and vibrant one has to be prepared to blow out mud and leaves from the glass often, as given the location of the glass being on the ground debris will tend to come up, and leaves will always fall on the glass. Despite the regular blow out the color of the glass will always remain intact. However, the investment to maintain the glass is high.


kjkjkjjkkjwqqThe initial cost of putting glass is expensive thus a limitation to most budgets. Nevertheless, the final outlook of glass is stunning. The cost implication notably puts the use of glass to small spaces.