Beginner’s Guide to the Best Commercial Storage for Home Products

If you are in the business of selling home products like furniture and other appliances, you probably know that storage can be a challenge. These devices are bulky and renting a whole go down could be expensive. The good thing is that there are cheaper options to take care of the storage.

According to research, most people import or buy home products and appliances in bulk, which is cheaper for them. Afterward, they will distribute them to various outlets in the required amount. Others are suppliers who will immediately start distributing to retailers in different parts. If you are starting off on this business, there are a couple of things that you need to know about commercial storage services.

Decide the Amount You Need to Store

Before identifying the right storage facility, you need to know the number of goods you need to be stored. Some people import in bulk and will require a larger space. Therefore, it is crucial to find a logistics company with ample storage area. Engage them and understand how much space they are willing to offer you every time you need it.

The best part is that a logistics company with godowns can create a schedule of space availability and share with you. Pick one that is free when your home goods and appliances will be arriving. If there is a sign of inconvenience, do not engage.


Choosing the Appropriate Storage Company

Now that you have decided to use a 3rd part storage company, there are many considerations you will make. With a knowledge of the number of goods you will have, it is easy to choose the company of your choice. We have prepared the crucial points to consider.

  • License and insurance cover – well, the license is an indication that the storage company has met the minimum requirement set by the government. Upon issuance, they qualify to operate. It gives an assurance to you that they have what it takes to serve you. An insurance cover protects your goods in case of damage, fire or theft. It means that you will get compensated with ease when such a tragedy hits the warehouse.
  • Security – storage is very sensitive. The goods must be protected from any form of theft including the minor ones by the staff. A reputable storage company will have systems that protect all that it holds. The simplest one is the use of security guards all over the compound, surveillance cameras that are monitored, restricted access at various entry points and much more. With total security, all clients will always be happy with the services.
  • Safety – another important aspect is the safety of the goods. As a potential customer, get to know how these people ensure the safety of goods especially the fragile ones. If you need storage for porcelain home products like cups, plates and glasses, then they must assure safe handling. Check if they have shelves to stack the goods and if the lifting devices are the best. Without safety assurance, it is better to consider any other option.
  • Accountability – inventory keeping when handling goods for clients, should be the number one priority. Ensure that the company you choose has the best inventory process. Ask if they have a system that records how goods come in and out. You probably will be picking a small batch at a time, and you need to know a clear account of all your products. Do not rely on those who use manual systems as they do not have transparency. The system used must also update you in real time or contact you to verify for the release of certain goods.
  • Transport – the last thing you want to check is if they offer transportation or not. As much as you can make arrangements for this, it is better if they provide theirs, which is more accountable, responsible and reliable. It will be easier for them to bring your goods to the retail store where you want them to be even if it will cost you extra.


As a beginner in selling or distributing home appliances, reliable storage is very crucial. You cannot afford to bend your rules here since this can mess or build your business. If you do not lose anything at this point, then you are likely to succeed. The highlights above will make sure that you have the best.