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Four Qualities Of The Best Chef Knife

A knife will make or spoil your kitchen experience whether you are a professional or just home user. In most cases, chefs working in any food joint will insist on using the best chef knives in the market. It determines how well they are going to deliver the results during their work.

Qualities of the best chef knives

The blade

chef knivesKnives blades are made of high-quality stainless steel, and a chef knife is not an exception. The blade must be hardened well enough and of high quality. Any knife which is showing signs of rust should be avoided. When it comes to the size, an average of an 8-inch blade is convenient to work correctly. Experts say that a chef knife which is considered as a general knife must dice onions well, cut carrots into thins strips and chop the parsley finely. Most of then test the chef knives this way before they buy them.


A good blade comes already sharp, and the sharpness should maintain for long. Japanese and German chef knives are the best in sharpness, and most people are afraid of them. Little do they know that this is one of the best features. The sharp edge should be hard to avoid damage when the knife accidentally comes into contact with hard objects. However, every knife requires sharpening after using for some types. How well the chef knife cooperated when it’s being sharpened is very crucial.

The handle

chef knivesAny chef will confirm that a good knife has the best handle. This means that it must have a good grip as the first quality. A good grip allows the user to avoid any accident and use the knife conveniently. Sometimes the user’s hands are wet with water or even oil and at the same time they. In addition to the best grip, the handle needs to be firmly attached to the blade to avoid an accident or going back to the shops now and then.


The above qualities have dwelled much on the qualities related to each part. This point puts emphasis on the importance of durability for the chef’s knife. Sharpening and continuous usage causes causes wear to the blade but this must be very gradual.